Amenities that Attract Grand Cayman Buyers

Amenities-that-Attract-Grand-Cayman-BuyersAmong Caribbean vacation homes for sale, Grand Cayman’s property represents some of the best value for your money. Becoming a resident of the island is a painless process, and all income earned from renting your property comes to you tax free. If the possibility of rental income entices you, you might want to learn about some of the other amenities island dwellers get to take advantage of.


Grand Cayman homes are highly sought after because of their relative privacy. Celebrities and famous people stop by the island all the time, but you would never know because the streets aren’t crowded with paparazzi waiting for the next photo op. That exclusivity is available to you in the form of private beaches, which are often a part of the property for sale.


All over the island, one trend is popping out: access. A new purchase by Cayman Airways is opening access to the smaller islands, which creates a market for outdoor types seeking adventure. New airport terminals make it more efficient to accommodate a higher volume of passengers. Access seems to be the theme of 2015 as more roadways open up for people to seek out the joys on Grand Cayman.


Of course, none of these improvements pale to the actual property values available to investors in Grand Cayman. The island is modernizing and growing faster than ever before thanks to foreign investments. This all-important market provides vacation rentals that help Grand Cayman remain a destination on everyone’s radar. An investment in Grand Cayman comes with more than just the tax-free rental income. You can genuinely make an impact purchasing real estate in the Cayman Islands.

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