How to Make Your Next Vacation an Adventure

By Crystal Seas

When you get time off, the main thing you probably think of is sitting back and relaxing. Maybe you envision a sandy beach and a big, tropical drink. Still, once you’ve done that a couple of times, it becomes boring. You can sit back with a drink any weekend you want. Instead, start looking to take vacations that will be memorable and offer you and your loved ones a true adventure.

creastal seasKayak tours are the best way to do this. Going on a kayaking tour doesn’t take any special talents. You can be taught to kayak well enough in about 30 minutes or so. However, the rewards that await you once you get this type of training are huge. Not only will you get a bit of exercise (which is always helpful when you’re off treating yourself on vacation), it also guarantees that you’ll see some beautiful parts of any town you’re staying in.

For example, if you go kayaking in the Pacific Northwest, you’ll actually be able to paddle alongside killer whales. Despite their names, these gentle giants won’t pose a threat, but will pose for some truly amazing photos you’ll love showing off to all of your friends when you come back from vacation.


Stop taking boring vacations. The next time you have time off, do yourself a favor and book a kayak tour for you and your family. Crystal Seas can give you just this kind of experience you’ll never forget.

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