Three Reasons to Invest in the Cayman Islands

Three-Reasons-to-Invest-in-the-Cayman-IslandsAside from Cayman Islands luxury real estate, there are a multitude of reasons why more investors worldwide are considering hanging their hats permanently in Grand Cayman. As the island receives more infrastructure upgrades, it’s becoming more attractive for investors from all walks of life. If you’re interested in the islands, consider the reasons others are choosing to move here.

Modern Living

Most of the homes for sale on Cayman Islands have received important upgrades that improve energy efficiency, water consumption and more aspects of everyday living. Life on Grand Cayman is more affordable with renewable energy supporting your household, and many properties come equipped with solar systems, gray water systems and other amenities you can use to reduce your carbon footprint.

Easy Access

Living in Grand Cayman puts you in the center of everything the islands have to offer. You’re not far from outdoor relaxation or night life. Even the airport is getting a boost to help accommodate greater numbers of travelers looking to visit or vacation. Easier access means people from all over the world can come and enjoy the benefits of a Grand Cayman vacation property.

Less Bureaucracy

If you wanted to relocate to somewhere like the Bahamas, you’d need multiple documents certifying your identity and your bank account. That kind of scrutiny doesn’t happen in Grand Cayman. You’ll pay a stamp duty at the time of sale, and potentially during a rental agreement, but no annual taxes. You’ll also have an easier time trying to will the property to your next of kin.

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