The Best Souvenirs You Can Get in Mexico

Summary: If you are traveling to Mexico read below for a list of unique souvenirs you can bring back with you to celebrate your time in the beautiful country.

Traveling is oftentimes regarded as one of the most valuable experiences. Going somewhere new and learning about a different language, culture, way of living, or simply getting a change of scenery can be refreshing. The world is huge with a lot to offer and can help an individual gain a new perspective or learn more about himself or herself. Mexico is a country with a rich history and a very distinct culture, including a passion for soccer, tasty food, and good times. If you are traveling to Mexico and want to bring some of the country back with you, consider some of these souvenirs.

Silver From Taxco

Located just outside of Mexico City is the Guerrero Town of Taxco. One of the things the  town is very well-known for is its high quality silver. There are numerous vendors throughout the town selling a wide variety of silver pieces, from plates to jewelry, at pretty reasonable prices.

Lucha Libre Masks

Lucha libre (wrestling) and soccer games are easily two of the most popular events people attend in Mexico. Lucha libre, which some regard as less of a competitive sport and more of an entertaining performance, is deeply ingrained in Mexico’s culture. The colorful and detailed masks are unique to the country and symbolize the popular pastime. These masks can usually be found in local markets.

Mexican Chocolate

Another item unique to Mexico is its chocolate. Authentic Mexican chocolate, dating back as far as the era of the Aztecs, is very different from the Hershey’s chocolate you can find at your local grocery store. Mexican chocolate is characterized by its rich, spice-filled, bold flavor that is usually more bitter than it is sweet. Sold as bars or as a fine powder, this kind of chocolate is oftentimes used to make hot chocolate or mole. It can also be used in any baking or cooking recipe to add a degree of boldness and would make a wonderful gift for anyone back at home.

Soccer Souvenirs

Soccer is assumed to be the national sport of Mexico. Mexicans of all backgrounds around the country come together to cheer for their favorite teams. The level of passion and energy they have for their teams and players is infectious, making it tough not to get pumped up about the beautiful game. Pick up a flag, jersey, soccer ball, or poster from your favorite team to bring back home with you to celebrate and support the movement.

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