How to Minimize Costs for International Car Rentals

Summary: Renting a car overseas can turn out to be a rather expensive investment. Staying prepared never hurts.

Renting a car overseas can be a rather expensive feat if you come in unprepared. Fortunately, there are numerous ways that you can budget around certain fees to minimize your overall spending. Here are some tips to help you do so.

Do Your Research

Take a look at the gas prices for the country that you’re planning to visit. If you’re looking into car rentals in Jordan, know what the current rate is for Jordan’s oil prices. Factor in how long you’re staying and estimate how many times you’ll fill up your tank – it doesn’t have to be accurate, but leaving room in your budget helps in regard to being prepared.

Auto Insurance Rates

Check your current auto insurance company to see whether a rent a car in Amman Airport will be covered under your existing policy. If not, you’ll likely need to purchase insurance from your preferred rental company at the time of booking. Now, it’s important that you ensure that your coverage meets the country’s minimum coverage requirements or you may end up in a bit of a mess.

Know Your Routes

It never hurts to prepare directions on where you’re planning to visit. If you’re going to drive extensively, a GPS is definitely a lifesaver. Often times, you can download international maps onto your GPS from the provider’s website. Now, remember that not all maps are 100% accurate, so be sure that you obtain the last up-to-date map that you can find on the web. There’s also the alternative of renting a GPS at the car rental company (for a fee of course). The rates tend to vary so be sure to check with the company beforehand so you don’t get overcharged for something that you already own.

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