Important information when driving around Jordan

Jordan is a beautiful country, with a lot to see, and there is no better way for memorable experience than to drive to the attractions. When you are driving around in a foreign country, there are a few important things you should know. Rental experts Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC highlight the following facts:


Rent a vehicle with an on-board GPS navigation system. A lot of tourists rely on services like Google Maps when travelling. However, some countries block mapping companies from certain regions. Also, some of the maps might not be up-to-date or there might not be any internet connectivity. The safest and most reliable option is to use an on-board GPS system. If you are getting a Queen Alia international airport car rental, check the unit before you drive away.


Look for a rental service that provides round-the-clock emergency assistance. Nothing ruins a holiday like when you’re stuck far away from the hotel and have no access to help. When you are in a foreign country, you need a reliable service for roadside emergency assistance.


Countries set strict limits for travel and you should find out where you can and can’t go. Jordan, for example, suggests that tourists avoid any areas close to the Syrian and Iraqi borders. Also, they recommend against going anywhere near the refugee camps. These limits are for your safety, so it is extremely important to follow the guidelines set by the local authorities.

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