Massages Abroad: Differentiating Spas from Parlors

Summary: Wherever you travel to, there will be an assortment of massage establishments that you can try out. Be sure that you know how to associate legitimate places from prostitution fronts. 

There are several misconceptions that men get when they enter a spa versus a massage parlor. Let’s get straight to the point. There are some people that proposition the masseuse to receive an act of sexual nature. Now, with massage parlors that are typically run down with the shutters closing off any view of the interior, you might find that it’s quite common and this business is a relatively steady one.

The Primary Differences

However, if you walk into a spa and firmly ask for the masseuse to help “blow off some steam”, you’ll likely be embarrassed and the entire spa will know what just happened as you walk out shamefully.

The reason why you need to understand the differences is because the quality of the massage is dependent on the type of spa (or massage parlor) that you enter. For instance, if you decide to opt for something cheap and hit up a local massage parlor, don’t expect world-class treatment that’s worth bragging about – unless you hit a gold mine. Additionally, many of these parlors are actually prostitution fronts that act as a legitimate parlor but in reality, offer sexual favors for extra money.

Be mindful where you go to get a massage. For instance, say you see an ad that says “Korean massage in NYC for only $30” on a poster. Chances are it isn’t exactly the type of place that you want to associate yourself with. Mind you, not every parlor performs sexual acts, or happy endings as people like to call them, but you should also keep an eye out for what’s real and what’s posing as real.

Checking Online Reviews 

One way you can go about this is to check out some online reviews. No massage parlor wants to gain notoriety on the Internet if they’re performing illegal activities behind-the-scenes. And besides, these so-called “massage therapists” receive a significant amount of money to perform “the deed” to the client after their massage is done. Put it this way, it’s almost triple the normal amount of tip that the average client will pay at the end of a legitimate massage. This is where these masseuses strike gold.

Whether you’re looking to hit up a quality establishment like Garden Retreat Spa or any other local massage businesses, it’s always important to ensure that the place that you’re going to is both a legitimate and well-known place. Otherwise, you might be in for an extremely awkward setting.

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