Top Rental Car Safety Tips for Travelers

Summary: Keeping your rental car safe should be relatively straightforward, right? Actually, they’re primary targets for those pesky thieves.


Nowadays, more and more travelers are opting for rental cars over public transportation due to the freedom they get when it comes to going to and from destinations whenever they want to.


With that being said, car thieves have noticed this trend and are targeting travelers, knowing they may come out with a big payday if they hit the right target.


Protect yourself from these shady individuals by following these traveler safety tips.


Always Lock Your Doors


Yes, this is an obvious one. By making sure you lock your doors and set the alarm every time you step away from your vehicle, you’ll at least have one layer of security – even if it’s not 100% foolproof. However, many travelers tend to forget to do this due to the excitement of the moment, making them an easy target for passerby’s.


If the Area Seems Sketchy, Just Repark


Don’t do car thieves a favor and put that brand-new car in harm’s way. Rather try and keep it in a secure street with a decent amount of foot traffic as opposed to an empty stretch of street. This way, when you come back, you’ll actually have something to drive back to the hotel in.


Speak to the Rental Car Company


In the case that something does happen, you’ll want to contact the rental car company immediately. The consequences would be worse if you don’t and try to just run away from the situation. Whether it’s a luxurious long term car rental in Dubai International Airport or just a small-time rental place, you’re still responsible for the car itself.


Experienced companies like Monte Carlo Rent a Car, LLC recommend that you purchase insurance beforehand and consult with the customer representative to ensure that you’re taking the safest routes and visiting areas where other travelers would go to as well.

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