Top Rental Car Tips for the Beginner

Summary: Here are some car rental tips that you might not know and could save you plenty of money.

If you are traveling overseas and are in the market for a rental car, you have plenty of options. However, this plethora of cars to choose from isn’t what this article is about. Rather, it’s about how you can strategically plan ahead so you don’t end up dealing with the anxiety-ridden issues that come with last-minute booking.

See What Driver’s License You Need

After you rent a car in Amman Airport for example, you need a valid driver’s license to operate a car. Nothing’s more frustrating than being right on schedule only to find out that the hitch involves something so simple as a driver’s license. Remember, if you’re traveling abroad, you’ll likely need an International Driving Permit (IDP) that is often sold at your local AAA. In order to obtain an IDP, you’ll need two passport photos, a copy of your driver’s license, and a $15 fee for the permit. The entire process takes minutes in person, but lines may be long. Be sure you plan ahead!

Driving Stick Shift Can Lower Your Cost

It might be a great time to learn how to drive a stick shift car if you’ve never had the time or an instructor to teach you. Most international rental car companies come with manual transmission and will be automatically given out if you don’t say something. Now, nobody wants to be stuck with a car they don’t know how to drive. If you request automatic transmission, prepare to pay more.

Remember, after booking your rental car at Monte Carlo Rent a Car, LLC or any other established rental agency, make sure you request the exact type of model you need for your trip. If you are a seasoned stick driver, you could save more money than expected.

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