Which type of massage is right for me?

Deciding what type of massage can be difficult as there are so many options available. Here are some smart ways to identify what massage is best for you.

Palliative massage, Reiki or Reflexology. – If your muscles are stiff, a good way to relax the muscles is to relax the mind and reduce tension by calming the nervous system.

Deep tissue– If you cross train, you may have problem areas that cause pain and tension. Deep tissue massage can release chronic tension and reduce the occurrence of the tension redeveloping.

Sports massage – If you want to reduce injury and increase range of motion, a sports massage is a wise choice. Most often sports massages are enjoyed after a workout as they are known to help reduce soreness and increase elasticity.

Therapeutic or Swedish massage – If you are often on the computer and work in a stressful work environment, a relief from stress may be necessary. Garden Retreat Spa recommends choosing between a Swedish or a Therapeutic massage depending on your overall posture and sensitivity.

There are many Asian massage parlor NYC, which offer a wide range of therapies. However, it is best to speak to a medical practitioner or a reputed licensed therapist before selecting a procedure for your needs. Before you consult with either party, have a list of your goals and your symptoms to receive an accurate recommendation.


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