3 Sights to See in Paris Beyond the Typical Choices

When it comes to France sightseeing, Paris excursions are definitely the preferred choice. The City of Light is known the world over as one of the most highly regarded, celebrated and beloved tourist destinations on the planet.

During your trip, be sure to visit Place de la Concorde towards the eastern end of the Champs Elysees. It’s the largest square in all of Paris and features the kinds of amazing vistas you’ll never get sick of photographing. This is also the spot where King Louis XVI, Marie Antionette and countless others were guillotined during the French Revolution.

Sainte Chapelle is not just one of the most beautiful cathedrals you’ll ever see, it’s considered the pinnacle of Gothic architecture. Inside is one of the most significant relics in all of Christendome: the Crown of Thorns that was placed atop Christ’s head. King Louis IX housed a number of other important relics inside this building as well, many of which are on display for tourists.

Another great house of worship to check out is the Sacre Couer. It’s easily one of the most recognizable landmarks in Paris as it towers above so many others. The Sacre Couer also has a beautiful grass hill leading up to it with plenty of stairs to make walking so much easier.

While there are still many conventional attractions you’ll want to check out when you visit Paris, be sure to take advantage of the 3 listed above as well. You’ll be glad you did.

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