How to Plan a Group Retreat to Wine Country

wine-country-californiaOne of the biggest advantages to living in a state like California is that there is every kind of place imaginable within state lines. One minute, you might be overlooking a bluff over the beach. The next, you could be in wine country and the whole trip is just a shuttle bus away. When you’re planning a group retreat, there’s a lot to consider in terms of costs and convenience. Here are some tips to help you plan your getaway.

Group Logistics

First, determine everything you can about your group and your travel plans. Start with mileage, then send your invites out. Also, do some research before you send out invites. You might find common amenities, like restrooms. This will give you the chance to ask guests to vote on whether it’s important to them to have those amenities.

Planned Stops

Typically, a charter bus charges by the mile. If you need to stop at more than one location, there may be some charges for that, so take a look at your itinerary and figure out where you might be able to have the bus drop you to be close to where you need to go. You can always use local bus lines and other transportation options to get around.

Final Thoughts

Wine country isn’t that far from Los Angeles, San Francisco or any other major city in California. So you have quite a few options. If you start your planning early enough, you can shift to another part of the state that may also offer better rates. Some shuttle services even have special winery tours they offer.

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