Savor the Mediterranean Tapestry: A Culinary Odyssey Through Five Mediterranean Dishes

With a rich and diverse culture, the Mediterranean offers an array of cuisines that are bound to tickle your taste buds. These include the delicious flatbreads and sumptuous grilled meat, among others. Hence, the following article presents an exotic food journey through the top 5 Mediterranean foods one must relish and taste at least once.


Beginning this lovely trip through gastronomic delights from every nook and corner of the expansive Mediterranean, manakish is one delightful, yet simple flatbread that serves as a base to present many flavors together. Originating from the Levant region, Manakish is a wafer-thin bread that is more or less akin to an Italian pizza and consumed frequently as a street food. Most often garnished with a blend of thyme, sesame seeds, olive oil, and in some cases, cheese or ground meat, Manakish promises a tantalizing journey around the various flavors of the Mediterranean.


And every tour of Mediterranean cuisine would be incomplete without the iconic shawarma. Shawarma is made from thinly sliced cuts of meat marinated with spices and herbs, cooked slowly by turning on a revolving drum rotisserie. The result gives consumer meats that are perfectly marinated on the inside and also charred on the outside, creating a satisfying smoky texture. Shawarma, dressed with garlic sauce and tahini, makes for an example of skill in marination and slow cooking technique.


Kebabs, a classic of the Mediterranean, are humble masters of simplicity – skewered meats marinated and cooked over an open flame. From the classic lamb to chicken or beef kebabs, each comes down to the marinade, usually aromatic herbs and spices with a base of either oil or yogurt. The result is a medley, which has been charred to become nicely tender, full of all the goodness that the Mediterranean grilling traditions embody.


For tasting some comfort food from the cuisines of the Mediterranean, try biting into the layers of Moussaka. This savory casserole can be prepared in different ways in different parts of the Mediterranean region. Filled with eggplant, usually paired with minced meat (most commonly lamb), and smothered with a sumptuous béchamel sauce creamy on top, Moussaka is the queen of all hearty Mediterranean home cooking. So much happens in every bite, from the multilayered textures to the flavors that all meld together.


For a typical Mediterranean feast, it cannot get better for a vegetarian than the beloved falafel dish. Falafel consists of a crispy sphere made out of ground chickpeas or fava beans, herbs, and spices mixed together and deep-fried into small, patty-sized pieces that are crispy on the outside. What makes them unique is the moist, flavorful stuffing inside. Often served in pita pockets or on platters with tahini sauce, falafel makes for a perfect contrast to the meaty dishes on show and exemplifies the versatility of Mediterranean cuisine.

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