How Can You Tell a Good Massage Establishment From a Bad One?

Not all massage establishments operate in the same fashion. Each business has its own standards, services, and personal experience with clients. Now, before you enter that small shop that offers the “Best Asian Massage in NYC”, take the time to look around and compare things like prices, services rendered, and customer feedback. This is will ultimately help you find one that best meets your personal criteria.


Services Offered


Most businesses will offer your standard Swedish massage, which is just a regular massage that pinpoints specific areas that are known to be strained from stress, physical activity or even disease. If you’re a beginner and want a solid massage for a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong with a Swedish massage. Plus, you’ll be able to tell your massage therapist what areas he or she should work on to relieve the muscle tension that’s built up.


Price Comparisons


Although there’s an ongoing market rate for massage services, not every establishment follows this. Some businesses will charge higher prices due to the fact that it’s a higher income neighborhood or even claim that their services are “premium”. Before you fall for any of these excuses, it’s important that you shop around beforehand to determine what price range most businesses are offering.


Typically for 30 minutes, you’ll likely see anywhere between the $40 to $60 price range. So, whether you’re looking at an established business such as Garden Retreat Spa or any other establishment, always compare prices before you commit.


Read the Reviews


Most of the time, customer reviews are ideal for when you’re looking to find the best deals and ultimately choose a business that the people like. If you see a plethora of negative reviews, find out why. What are people upset about? Is it the service, or is it something that could potentially be their fault?


Remember, just because you see a low rating for a massage establishment, it doesn’t mean that you should automatically count this place out. There are numerous reviews out there that don’t make any sense, so don’t fully place your trust in them.


Additionally, there are times where the negative reviews do not reflect the current establishment. Meaning, there could be a change in management or ownership, which could entirely change the old reviewer’s perspective if he or she visited the business again. Remember, unless you see something that’s extremely concerning, try not to write off every business that has a relatively low review. Take the time to read the reviews and see what’s so concerning. This way, you’ll have a better feel of what to expect.

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