Things to watch out for when buying travel accessories

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It is surprisingly hard to find travel gear that works as intended. While they do work, they do not work effectively. The space in your baggage is limited and anything taken should deserve its place on the packing list. Anything that breaks for the slightest bump or doesn’t work as advertised should not be there. Here are some of the many pitfalls to avoid when buying travel gear.

Power banks

There are two problems to avoid when buying power banks. The first is that some do not actually contain the amount of power as advertised. The other is that the charge rates are too low for effective use. There is no sense in carrying a power bank only for it to take seven hours to charge a phone. There are good brands and models available even with the best discount online shopping, read reviews and buy.

Power outlets

Hotel rooms usually only have one or two outlets we can access. To get around this be sure to get a power strip with as many outlets as you need. Just be vary of the voltage used at your destination and get a travel adapter to fit the wall outlet. Buy good quality items with the best online shopping deals.

Solar chargers

Just like the power banks, the issue here is of charging speed. It is very useful to be able to charge a device or phone using the sun, but not if it takes a day to do so. Solar charged power banks might be useful since they can charge while you are away.


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