Biking and kayaking in San Juan Islands

Written by Crystal Seas

The San Juan Islands are popular destination for people seeking some fun and adventure with a kayak vacation. One of the most reknown activities in the region is undeniably the kayaking with orcas, also known as the killer whales. Moreover, biking is also a popular activity. Below are some of the factors to consider when choosing which biking and kayaking tour to go for.

Food and Drinks

When opting for a package for such physical activities, it is important to consider whether food and drinks would be served. For people having particular dietary needs, it would be important to communicate that beforehand in order to ensure that their needs are catered to.


Some biking and kayak tour operators are able to provide advice on which accommodations to go for. Tourists would thus be guaranteed with quality places to stay along with a friendly service.


No tour would be complete without the assistance of a guide. The ideal guide should be knowledgeable in all corners of the regions as well as in the activity being practiced. The guide would also be advising on security measures and guidelines to follow on the island.

Small Groups

The group size is an important aspect in the overall experience that you would be having during the tour. A small group is safer to lead for the guide and ensures good interactions between all the members present. This also encourages people to ask questions and talk to the guide.

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