Considerations When Renting a Car in Jordan

Written by Monte Carlo Rent A Car, LLC.

Traveling to Jordan can be the experience of a lifetime. It’s one of the most stable and modern countries in all of the Middle East. Visitors can experience everything from the modern luxury of major cities such as Amman to desert castles such as Aljun, visitors can experience a wide range of attractions when visiting Jordan. In order to get around, many visitors find that a car hire in the Amman airport is the best way to see all of the sights of Jordan in a limited amount of time.

As with traveling in any other country, you’ll find some rules and restrictions that are unique to Jordan both when it comes to driving a car and when it comes to renting a car. So it’s important to keep a few things in mind before you reserve a car hire in Jordan:

You Must Stay Within Jordan: If you are renting a car in Jordan, there’s a good chance that your car company will not allow you to take the car outside of the country. If you do drive across the border to Israel or Saudi Arabia and something happen with a car rental from Amman and something happens to your car, you could be liable. It’s better to arrange for a pickup at the border for a car and driver to take you to the other side.

Know the License Regulations: You do not need a Jordanian driver’s license or any other form of identification in order to drive a rental car in Jordan; all you will need is a valid driver’s license from your country of origin. However, if you are planning to drive a private car — such as one owned by a friend — while you are in Jordan, you will need a Jordanian license.

Learn the City Routes: Driving in Jordan’s urban areas is vastly different than when you get into the countryside or desert regions. Major cities — particularly Amman — can be very confusing for people who have never driven in them. Streets are narrow and road signs are occasionally confusing. Make sure you have a good map or navigation system in order to safely negotiate the major city streets.

Traveling with Children: Child safety seats are not mandatory in Jordan, so don’t expect your rental car to automatically have them. However, most reputable car hire companies will offer child safety seats with their rentals. Make sure you check with the service ahead of time to ensure that you can have a car seat included in your rental reservation.


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