3 Great Activities For Families In Friday Harbor

Blog provided by San Juan PM

Are you planning a vacation to the San Juan Islands? Friday Harbor is known as the major hub for activity and commerce on the islands. There are many sights and sensations for tourists to experience in Friday Harbor, including unforgettable activities for families with children. Here are a few we think your children will love:

Friday Harbor Chocolates

If your children have a sweet tooth, this artisan chocolate shop provides unique, inventive flavors. Some of these colorful, beautifully crafted sweets even come in fun shapes such as ladybugs, lambs, pigs, and bunnies. There are even treats for mom and dad, such as their exquisite collection of exclusive dessert wines.

Whale Museum

This famous spot pays tribute to one of the San Juan Islands’ most celebrated local treasures: the magnificent orca whales populating the islands’ coastline. You and your children will learn about these amazing creatures through a variety of exhibits and activities. You’ll leave with a deeper appreciation for orcas and their role in the ocean’s ecosystem.

San Juan Islands Zip Tour

This zip line tour is equal parts nature walk and thrilling adventure. Even if you’ve never been zip lining before, this is a fun, safe experience that will familiarize you with zip lines so that you’ll be comfortable taking on the higher, faster lines that will give you unparalleled views of Friday Harbor’s scenic natural landscapes.

These are only a few of the experiences Friday Harbor has to offer. Be sure to do some research on all the available family-friendly activities and if you need Friday Harbor lodging, visit San Juan PM for a list of available properties for rent.

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