Should You Bring Your Kids On A Kayak Trip?

Blog provided by Crystal Seas

Kayaking can be a fun, adventurous activity that provides a good workout while allowing you to explore the beauty of nature at your own pace. A kayaking vacation can be a wonderful experience to share with your children that will instill a love for travel in them for years to come. However, some may have concerns about their children’s safety or their ability to keep up with the other boats on a kayaking trip.

Fortunately, kayak tour companies such as Crystal Seas have taken this into account by offering family kayak tours. These tours won’t force your children to sit in their own kayak and fend for themselves. Instead, these trips unfold at a more relaxed, unhurried pace so that parents can paddle with their children, teaching them the ins and outs of kayaking. You’ll have as many as three hours to travel through all the tour’s destinations and admire the local wildlife and nature views.

As long as your children know and understand all the safety rules and they’re appropriately dressed and prepared, you shouldn’t worry too much about safety. It’s also a good idea to choose a paddle and kayak that is safe and easy for your children to maneuver. Make sure to teach them to pace themselves so they won’t get too tired while paddling for extended periods of time.

If you remember all of these tips, you should be ready for your next family vacation. If you’re interested in taking a San Juan Island kayak trip, don’t forget to contact Crystal Seas for the best family kayak tours in the San Juan Islands.

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