An innovative coffee cup


Written by Gelato Products

Most of the world is addicted to coffee. World production is now nearly 7 million tons annually. According to Starbucks researchers, 66 Billion cups of coffee are drunk each year in the US and 75% of these numbers are consumers enjoying their cuppa at home. However, the other 25%,  consumes their coffee on the go, either in transport, at the office or at a coffee shop.

When we look at coffee cup packaging we have seen little innovation over the past years, with only the innovative paperboard cup with foldable handles. Most consumers will be offered coffee cups and lids. This has been the case for many years, however a new design which is still in the prototype stage is said to make things a lot easier and cheaper for both the coffee shop owners and the consumer.

This new coffee cup is called “The Compleat cup”. It is a polyethylene-coated paper cup without a lid. The lid is part of the cup’s design that has origami folds and a drinking spout.

The innovative “Compleat cup” is designed by an architect named Peter Herman from Boston, USA. The design makes it easy to enclose the cup and creates a spout. This will eliminate the need for a plastic lid. The flap helps to hold the hot liquid and stop leakages.

Many designers and food manufactures are looking at different ways to create packaging like frozen yogurt supplies and food packaging that are more cost effective and user friendly. This intern is said to help reduce costs and wastage.


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