Can killer whales get aggressive on a kayaking Tour?

Written by Crystal Seas

Although killer whales are known to be aggressive when feeding on other animals in the sea, they have shown no aggression to humans.

Killer whales have been known to swim near kayaking tour groups and sometimes pass as close as 10 yards from the boats. There have been very few instances where killer whales have tipped, breached or been antagonistic to boats.

Killer whales have highly evolved communication skills and are known to be very intelligent and social animals. Like most mammals, they come up to breathe in oxygen and are often seen nursing their young. Therefore kayaking with killer whales is safe as long as you are with a reputed kayaking team with the required safety gear.

The whales survive mostly on a diet of salmon and consume about 200 pounds a day. There have been no known kayak orca attacks and the only known attacks to humans have been when killer whales have been kept captive.

However, it is advised to stay a safe distance from these mammals as they have been seen engaging in play. This can cause kayakers to get flustered, which can cause accidents. Speak to your kayak tour group company and ask them what safety measures they have in place if the kayak tips over or drifts from the group.


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