Go Kayaking on your Next Holiday

Written by Crystal Seas

Have you been wondering what to you for your next holiday? Most holidays are not as relaxing as they should be. You end up on long flights, in airports and spend far too much time travelling even when you get to your destination. On your next holiday, don’t go far; give the San Juan Islands a go.

The San Juan Islands, located in the Pacific Northwest is a beautiful set of islands where you can relax and get closer to nature. There are so many relaxing activities you can do here. Kayaking is what they are famous for. You can go kayaking with orcas. Kayak around the area as they swim all around you. It is absolutely breathtaking.

For an added thrill you can even kayak with killer whales. You can go right through the route. For a love of marine wildlife, it is a once in a lifetime experience. It is just you, your kayak and killer whales swimming by in all their glory.

To wind down from all the San Juan Island kayaking excitement you can even go camping or hiking through many trails. Camping is perfect for a family who just want to recharge after their kayaking adventures.

Crystal Seas will give you the adventure of a lifetime. Go kayaking with orcas for an experience like no other. Crystal Seas can give you everything you need—including training—and guide you through some amazing waters.

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