Kayak trip in Washington

Written by Crystal Seas

Kayaking and whale watching are some of the most popular activities for people visiting the coast of the San Juan islands. These are some of the most recommended activities for those who are visiting Washington. The most common breed of whales that populate the area are the killer whales. These are in fact orcas from the three pods breed. These whales are also commonly referred to as the “Southern Residents”. These killers whales reside in the water off the coast of Washington from mid-April to early October every year. Since the year 2006, these whales have gained the status of protected animals as they are endangered species.

Every year, over half a million people flock to the coast of San Juan islands to watch these whales. Tourists can also get to the San Juan coast by passing through the British Columbia. Adventurous tourists visit the site for an opportunity to go kayaking with orcas. The presence of the whales makes the kayak vacation more exciting. Kayaking with killer whales ensures a great rush of adrenaline and often constitutes of a dream come true for kayaking enthusiasts. Before embarking on such a trip, the Kayakers Code of Conduct would need to be thoroughly read to ensure maximum safety. Kayak tour providers would also be providing tourists with the services of a guide. In case of any questions and doubts, the guide will be able to help you out.

Crystal Seas proposes kayak trip services for tourists seeking to see orcas in their natural habitats.

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