Make Your Next Vacation Unforgettable

By Crystal Seas

The next time you have a bit of vacation time, why not take the opportunity for all it’s worth? Instead of going somewhere you’ve already been or a destination where everyone else always goes, this time, why not have an actual adventure? Why not come back rested, energized and with a better sense of what’s possible?

creastalseas1You can do this by going kayaking in Washington. Sure, this might sound like something fairly ordinary, but there is a reason hundreds if not thousands of people head out to the Pacific Northwest every year to try it out for themselves.

For one thing, Washington sea kayaking shows you this part of the country from a truly beautiful perspective. It’s not like anything you’ve ever seen before. The ocean, woods and mountains are truly gorgeous. Combine that with the smell of the fresh, salty sea air and your senses will never truly leave this place.

However, the real attraction is beneath you. Your guides will bring you right up next to actual orcas that will be all too happy to swim alongside you. These gentle giants are simply amazing to see in the wild and you can bet that no one at the office is going to come back with this kind of a story.


Do you want to make your next vacation an actual adventure? If so, try kayaking in Washington state on for size. You can rest assured this definitely won’t be your same old type of vacation when you take yours with Crystal Seas.

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