Planning a Corporate Retreat

corporate-retreat-men-in-ties-outdoorsEvery company benefits from team building exercises, and every company is different in executing those activities. Some host barbecues onsite, where employees can bring families together, while others will host dinners and gatherings off site. In those cases, it’s sometimes beneficial to plan a meeting time. In this brief guide, we’ll look at how to charter a bus and plan other accommodations while keeping your budget in check.

Determine Numbers

The first step is to determine the numbers you’ll need to take along with you. If the group is small (like a business with fewer than 20 employees), it’s probably a safe bet to have everyone take their own transportation. Even then, though, gatherings on a schedule should be respected. A shuttle bus will ensure everyone arrives to the venue at the same time.


Factoring costs can get tricky depending on what you’re doing for the retreat. One thing to cut right off the bat: schwag! Corporate logos on polos, coffee mugs and more might make management feel important but they quickly eat up budget without helping gain much value from the retreat.

Instead, put that money towards booking an airport bus you can use to take employees to and from a dinner or a show somewhere in town.

You can also take a more creative approach to how you find your meeting space. You might save catering a small hall in your local neighborhood.

Don’t Cut These Expenses

Retreats are only as good as the guide you’re using to lead the group. That may require some outside coaching or mentorship if no one in the company can lead such activities. You also don’t want to skimp on any training materials that may be useful on the retreat.

Pacific Coachways offers drivers and a full-sized shuttle bus to help plan corporate retreats offsite, or arrange transportation to and from events.

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