Take Homemade Frozen Yogurt When You’re on the Go

Learn how easy it is to make fro-yo on the go!

If you’re on the move but want a snack, consider making some frozen yogurt to take with you. Not only does this frozen treat taste delicious, it is far healthier than many alternatives. Once you’ve read our short tutorial, you’ll realize this sweet treat is super easy to make and enjoy no matter where life takes you.


We’ll go over the frozen yogurt supplies first, though the ingredients are pretty simple. Take a quart of whole-milk yogurt (other yogurts have too much water content to use without extra prep), a half cup of heavy cream, and a cup of sugar and combine all of them in a bowl. Then whisk until the mixture is smooth.

Basic Instructions

Next, pour this into an ice cream maker and churn until the yogurt has the consistency of soft serve ice cream. Once it is thick enough, scoop the yogurt out into a container and freeze until hard. If you make it the night before, it should be ready in the morning.

When getting ready to leave, take it out and scoop into some frozen yogurt cups. Most people don’t keep these around, so you can use jars as well.

Another option for those without jars or fro-yo cups is to utilize coffee cups with lids. With that, you’re ready to get on with your day while having a delectable treat. Just be sure to put the fro-yo back in the freezer, unless you want to come home to it all melted!


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