Unconventional travel ideas

Many of us travel because we want to see new places, visit religious destinations or seek serene luxury. There is a new breed of travel destinations that are becoming more and more popular.

Tall towers around the world are becoming popular among the adventure seeking travelers. Travelers enjoy the incredible views from tall towers and the adrenalin rush coming from the fear of height and the feel of the blown away wind.

A communication and an observation tower, the CN Tower, in Toronto, Canada was the world’s tallest tower from 1976 until 2010. In the summer of 2011, the tower opened its EdgeWalk to visitors. At 1,168 feet up in the air, the tour takes visitors on an outdoor walk around the tower. This is the world’s highest full circle hands free tour.

At 879 feet, the Skywalk at Sydney Tower in Sydney, Australia is an open-air and glass-floored platform, another destination for travelers. It provides views of the ocean, mountains and the City of Sydney.

The world’s tallest free standing structure is the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This structure contains more than 160 floors of offices, residences and hotel rooms. An outdoor observation deck is located at 124th floor called “At the Top”.

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