Biking and kayaking in San Juan Islands

Written by Crystal Seas

Thousands of tourists flock to Washington every year for various reasons. The main reason being to experience Washington’s exceptional coastal wildlife and various beautiful sceneries from the sea-level perspective. This can namely be done through the world-class kayaking services offered in the San Juan Islands. Biking is another activity in the region that enjoys tremendous appeal. If you are not able for some reason to carry out kayaking activities, you might instead go for a biking trip.

Kayaking is the ultimate getaway experience to try at sea. The only sounds that kayakers can hear during the activity hails from nature and the regular splashes from paddles. The kayakers are able to see a large variety of sea creatures such as the sea lions, orcas, porpoises, seals, anemones, octopus and starfish, just to name a few. Several people travel specifically to indulge in kayaking with orcas of the region. They are however more visible between the months of May to September.

Kayaking Washington state is an activity that does not require any experience. Generally, outfitters would be providing lessons pertaining to kayaking techniques and safety. Outfitters would also be able to provide customers with any kayaking gear required. Tourists would only need to bring water, sunscreen and any other sun protections.

Biking trips also allow tourists to visit the region and make the most of the amazing views and sceneries. This activity does not require any experience in biking and daytime family trips can be organized.

Crystal Seas provides orca kayaking trips as well as biking packages and the services of guides in the San Juan Islands.

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