Biking and Kayaking on the San Juan Islands

Written by Crystal Seas

When some people think about getting away, they dream of white beaches with plenty of sun and a stiff, fruity drink. However, there are those of us who imagine having an adventure. We want to get away from the normal and almost become someone else.

For those people, there are the San Juan Islands. This unique location has plenty to offer in the way of hotels and restaurants. However, they also have some amazing wildlife and natural scenery. Grab a bike and take some paths to see how gorgeous these beautiful islands can be.

That’s far from the only thing these islands are known for. There kayak tours are out of this world and something everyone should experience. What really separates them from other tours you may have been on is the fact that you get to do it next to orcas. That’s right. San Juan Islands features orca kayaking. Come put paddles in the water and move right alongside these incredible gentle giants. Until you’ve seen them up close and personal, you have no idea what you’re missing out on.

San Juan Islands vacations will make the most of your time away from the typical schedule of events. You’ll experience a truly fulfilling getaway that no other can even come close to comparing to. Make your plans today.


If you’re ready for an adventure, come visit Crystal Seas in the San Juan Islands. You’ll return home with stories and memories that will last you a lifetime.

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