Five Epic College Winter Break Ideas

Winter break is the chance to take some time away from school and do something fun. You should start planning now, while you have a chance to save for your adventure. You can hit the mountains for a variety of activities, or find a fun party town to relax for a few days. Here are some college spring break ideas that anyone will love.

Ski Trips

Lots of mountain getaways can help you set up a college group ski trip. This is perfect for frats and sororities, who may be looking for team-building exercises to do together. You can find lessons and easy slopes for the beginners, with more advanced slopes for veteran skiers. A ski trip isn’t just confined to skiing either, you can usually find a lounge with a bar. You may even be able to rent a cabin for your group, so everyone has a warm place to sleep that is private.


If you want to physically test yourself in a beautiful place, try backpacking. You can travel to desert regions to take winter hikes in moderate climates, or you can gear up for four-season camping. Make sure that you have a sleeping bag that is properly insulated. You should also bring a few common items like light sources and a source of heat. Remember to check with your destination ahead of time about things like fire safety and camping rules.


For those looking for something laid back, try some of America’s smaller cities in the winter. It might be cheaper to get a hotel room, and you can still enjoy some interesting and fun sights. Utah and New Mexico are good places to getaway from it all, but group ski trips to Colorado also put you in the center of towns with a thriving party scene. Be sure to check with your travel advisors to ask them how the night life is.


Those hoping for a party vibe can usually find it in the bigger cities. Getaways like Vegas are fun for groups, but they can add up quickly. It’s important that you budget for party trips, as you will often be paying for the cost of admission in addition to food and drinks.

Road Trips

The road trip isn’t dead, and it can still be a great way to see the country. Find a friend that owns a car with good gas mileage, then offer to split the costs of the trip. You can even combine some or all of these other ideas on a road trip, as you usually pass through many different regions.

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