Las Vegas, Where Enjoyment Comes First

The Las Vegas area is home to some of the world’s kookiest tourist attractions. Paris may have the Louvre’s beautiful glass pyramid and the modernistic Pompidou, but Las Vegas has the Strip — where one finds the Luxor hotel’s grand pyramid, the Bellagio’s marvelous fountain, and the Venetian’s gondola rides. You don’t even have to do very much digging to discover indoor skydiving opportunities or fantastic rollercoaster rides. It seems that Nevada’s bold city planners decided to cram as much of America and of the world as they could into the once dusty and sleepy streets.

Las Vegas as a whole is a world-class hub for the ideals of diversity. It’s also both an international and domestic destination for celebrations of all stripes. That’s why it’s no surprise that Gay friendly hotels abound. Today’s modern hotels pride themselves on the diversity training their staffs receive and the possibility to exercise their deep-seeded hospitality. And a humongous part of that hospitality, of course, is the creation of first-rate eating extravaganzas.

When you’re in Las Vegas, enjoyment is at the tippity top of everyone’s menu. Be prepared to marvel at acclaimed acts like Cirque du Soleil and pop culture’s top singers with the family you’re bringing along, or with your special someone.

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