The most expensive cruises in the world

Super-luxury cruises are in high demand amongst the world’s richest people. The most expensive cruise is the trip to the South Pole that takes you to the shores of the Antarctic. Not only does this expensive trip give you the opportunity to watch penguins, it is a long trip at that. Tickets to the Minerva ship which sails to the shores of the Antarctic costs $954 per night per person and a personal luxury suite will cost you double of that.

Tours along the Amazon River, Norway Fjords and in the Black, Mediterranean and Baltic seas are also highly recommended. The most popular cruise of these is the one on the Baltic Sea.
The prices are high, but still, travellers appreciate this trip aboard a sea liner in a luxury suite, as opposed to a stay in a five star hotel.

To sail between Istanbul and Athens onboard the SeaDream yacht will cost you $1,100 per night. The yacht holds 110 persons. Slightly more affordable is the cruise from Barcelona to Rome aboard the Silver Whisper sea liner for $650 per person, per night including bar.

Travellers also pay huge amounts of money to visit exotic Asian locations such as Vietnam, Cambodia, China and Japan – and revel in enjoying the local environment. Bhutan, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Sikkim (India) and Tibet are also promising new locations for tour operators.

Trans-Atlantic cruises from Europe to America are also hugely popular because of the Titanic. These cruises will cost you at least $757 per night for the simplest cabin.

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